Person-centred packages for all your needs.

We offer skilled care staff to enable people supported by us to achieve their goals and keep a level of health and well-being. Progression Care ensures all Service Users supported by us and all people who work here are treated with respect at all times. We support individual choice and personal decision- making as the right of all Service Users. Progression Care recognises the individual need for personal fulfilment and offers individualised programmes of meaningful activity to satisfy that need of Service Users and staff. We base our care around you as an individual. To help us to do that, we adhere to a set of important principles outlined below. If at any time you have any questions about these, or you feel that someone is not upholding them, please let the manager know.


The services we offer are listed below. If there is a service you require that is not listed, please do not hesitate to speak to the manager to see if it can be arranged:


Progression Care Limited actively promotes Service Users' normal social networks and social activities and the level of support required will be agreed as part of your Care Plan. We will support you in keeping links with the community and help you to visit shops and places of interest.

Each Service User's Care Plan includes a facility for recording life history, social networks and contacts, and preferences for activities and hobbies, so that the service can ensure that these are a part of everyday life.


We will respect Service Users' privacy at all times. We will do this by making sure that:

  • Discussion of Service Users and their affairs will be for the purposes of managing and improving care, and for no other reason, and will be conducted in private.
  • Records will be designed, used and stored safely and confidentially, and the Data Protection Act 2018 principles for information sharing will be followed.
  • We will ask you to keep your Care Plan safely in an agreed place so that your Care Workers can read it when they come to your home.


Your dignity is a matter of the utmost importance to us, and all staff will have received training in this area.

  • You will be asked what you would like to be called, and this name will be recorded on your Care Plan and used by all staff.
  • In the absence of information on what you want our staff to call you, staff will address you formally, using your title and surname.
  • Staff are trained to support you with dignity always and will ensure that support is given in a dignified way whether you are alone or in company.
  • Staff are trained to knock and wait for your invitation before entering your home.

If you are interested in our services please contact the Head Office on 02380 873865 to discuss how we can support you.

We base our care around you as an individual. To help us to do that, we adhere to a set of important principles outlined below. If at any time you have any questions about these, or you feel that someone is not upholding them, please let a manager know.


Progression Care Limited will do everything possible to keep you safe from all forms of abuse and neglect, working with you and other agencies to prevent avoidable harm. We do this by:

  • Ensuring that our staff are well trained and skilled to provide the right Care, can recognise signs of abuse and report them swiftly.
  • Giving you the information, you need to make informed choices and take informed risks. Staff at Progression Care Limited understand and ensure the balance between your informed risk-taking, and the responsibility to ensure the safety of you and of others.
  • Identifying any hazards in your home and reducing the risk of infection.
  • Supporting you with any medication needs carefully to minimise the risk of errors or supporting you to continue to self-manage your medication safely.


We believe in Care that meets your needs because you are involved fully in your Care and its arrangement. Each Service User is celebrated and supported to be an individual, to have their own social, emotional, spiritual, cultural, political and sexual needs accepted, supported and respected.

The service we provide is effective because:

  • We employ the right staff for you who have the right knowledge, skills and qualifications to fulfil your wishes and to enable you through Care.
  • We will ask for your views and ideas about how you wish for your care and support to be provided and will make sure you can contribute to any proposed changes.
  • We will make information accessible, in a way that you can understand, about your Care, medication and the services being offered and how you can tell us if there is something you do not like about our services.
  • We will consult you on your wishes, history and aspirations in the assessment and put this in your Care Plan. We will check this is up to date when your Care Plan is reviewed. We will make sure your Care Plan is updated if your care needs change.
  • We will ask for your informed consent to Care and any changes to it in all decisions about your Care.
  • The principles of the Mental Capacity Act will be followed, and we will ensure that, where you cannot give consent, best interest decisions will be made following the Mental Capacity Act principles.
  • You will be supported to achieve as much independence as possible, emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially and without unreasonable restrictions.
  • We will keep information about you confidential and will tell you how we use your personal information, store it and how long we keep it for. You can talk to our Data Protection Officer if you are concerned about your personal information.


Progression Care Limited promotes a person-centred approach because:

  • Staff will take an interest in what makes you, you; the things you want to share from memories, the things you like and do not like, current interests, needs and new pursuits.
  • Staff will treat you with dignity in the way they speak with you and the way they behave.
  • We will assist you in continuing to use your skills and in pursuing your interests.
  • We will uphold your right to privacy in all aspects of your care, personal affairs and belongings.
  • All information about Service Users is treated as confidential and only shared with members of staff, other professionals or organisations for the provision of care with your consent or that of your representative.
  • Information about you will be protected and stored to meet legal requirements and only kept for as long as is necessary
  • We will make sure you understand information and what is said, providing you with the support you need, and giving you the help you require to make your voice heard.


Progression Care Limited will be responsive to what we see, hear and know, to ensure that you maintain your health and wellbeing.

  • Care staff will ensure that they are up to date with what is in your Care Plans and make changes when they are needed.
  • Progression Care Limited welcomes complaints, compliments and issues raised and will always take them seriously, investigate and take the action needed to put things right, and improve the service we offer.
  • Staff will work with other professionals to ensure that your Care is joined up.


Progression Care Limited is a well-led organisation, knowing its responsibilities and carries them out:

  • The management staff of Progression Care Limited are available and approachable for Service Users and staff alike.
  • Progression Care Limited has the skills to monitor the service and make changes when they are needed.
  • When things go wrong, Progression Care Limited and its management staff are honest with you and give solutions on how to put things right.
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